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 King Conan: Epic Interrupted
18 June, 2005 -- Digging through my comic box, I hit a vein of pure gold in a somewhat unexpected place, only to uncover, by the end of the strike, a heartbreaking tragedy--a magnificent epic, years ahead of its time, inexplicably cut down in its prime.

 Essentially Pointless: A Review of Essential Avengers #1, 2, & 3
24 June, 2005 -- After having wasted far too much of my life slogging through the early years of Marvel's premier Justice League ripoff, this is my overly long effort at revenge.

 Batman Ends
29 June, 2005 -- The MPD-afflicted mess that was "Batman Begins."

 The Non-"Fantastic Four"
8 July, 2005 -- My review of the unfortunate film adaptation of Marvel's First Family.

 Essentially Doomed: A Review of Essential Super-Villain Team-Up
24 July, 2005 -- The rundown on Marvel's failed attempt at a Dr. Doom/Sub-Mariner book. Another of comics' great squandered opportunities.

 The Tangled Web of "Spider-Man 2"
30 October, 2005 -- My take on the much-praised second effort in the Spider-Man film franchise.

 Ghastly Rider: A Review of Essential Ghost Rider #1
26 November, 2005 -- I finally get to read the early years of one of my old favorites, and find that its glory days were still ahead of it.

 Ultimate Waste: Some Ugly Ruminations on "Ultimate Avengers"
2 March, 2006 -- The first of Marvel's animated features in collaboration with Lion's Gate turns out to be a major misfire. My thoughts.

 Death & the Acrid Smell of Gunsmoke: Showcase Presents Jonah Hex #1
24 March, 2006 -- DC dives into the Essential format, collecting the early years of its top Western star. Thirty-four years ago, DC launched a real classic with this one. My thoughts, upon discovering exactly how much of a classic.

 Green Lantern's Lite: Showcase Presents Green Lantern #1
1 April, 2006 -- I finally get to read the early years of Green Lantern and find them delightful.

 Bill Mantlo's Life in Comics
08 Feb., 2007 -- An appreciation of one of the medium's underappreciated greats, and an appeal to aid him in a time of need.

 Punishing the Guilty, Not The Viewers: Punisher War Zone
15 Aug., 2009 -- My brief evaluation of the third attempt at a cinematic adaptation of the Punisher.

 Smallville: Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Superboy
25 Jan., 2010 -- SMALLVILLE, tv's revisionist take on the early life of DC comics' Superman, actually owes a lot to Stan Lee's Marvel comics. Thankfully.

 Ang Lee's HULK, & the Tyranny of Low Expectations
9 March, 2010 -- Ang Lee's HULK gets bashed up one side of the internet and down the other. I think a correction is in order.

 Swamp Thing (1982)
19 March, 2010 -- Some thoughts on Wes Craven's adaptation of DC Comics' premier swamp monster.

Me vs. AMC's "The Walking Dead"
It started as a single article, my effort to organize my thoughts on AMC's attempt to bring the very good comic "Walking Dead" to the small screen. It was rather critical, ran quite long, and, as the absolutely dreadful television version shambled on, it turned into a whole series of articles.

 Pretty Much WALKING DEAD Already
21 Jan., 2012 -- The one that started it all...

 Talkin' the Talking in WALKING DEAD Blues
15 Feb., 2012

 Mr. WALKING DEAD & Ms. Ogyny
16 Feb., 2012

 WALKING DEAD Gives Viewers the "Triggerfinger"
20 Feb., 2012

 WALKING DEAD Drages Viewers "18 Miles Out"
26 Feb., 2012

 Forget it, Jake, it's the WALKING DEAD
6 March, 2012

 WALKING DEAD Gives Viewers "Better Angels," Instead of Better Writers
12 March, 2012

 Beside the Dying Fire, The WALKING DEAD Leaves Viewers Cold
19 March, 2012

20 March, 2012

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